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Young Leaders Institute

Purpose and Vision Statement
To prepare youth and teens as Leaders for generations to come. To assure that youth and teens are prepared educationally, technically, socially, and spiritually to live successful lives. To prepare youth and teens to be problem solvers and initiators of change.
Who Do We Serve?
  • Ages 9-21 in Tupelo and its surrounding areas.
How Do We Serve?
  • Mentoring - connecting youth and teens with people of character, competence, and the chemistry to assist them in achieving success.
  • Tutoring - assisting them with educational tools to assure they are competent in all subjects concerning their course of study.
  • Technical training on 21st century technology
  • Fellowship - create an environment for them to connect with their peers that is conducive for success.
  • Scholarships
  • G.E.D. Assistance


  •   Perfect program and establish in communities throughout the nation.

For more information please contact Marsha Walls @ marshaw0@yahoo.com


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