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Enlarge Thy Tent - Expansion 2017

Architectural Drawing by Stephan K. Upham, M. Arch. Copyright ???????????????© 2000
This project involves the Renovation of 12,500 Sq Ft Facility. Phase I of the coming Ministry Complex to House the Vision given to its Founder Gerald Patterson Sr. Phase II of the (4)Phase project will involve the construction of an Outreach & Community Center in the heart of a well deserved Community.  Phase I will build a "Bridge of Faith" and a sense of community that has been missing in the Body of Christ. Phase I will provide a place of Worship, Evangelism, Development of People, and Service to the Community. 
(See Phase II Floor Plan)

It is our desire to serve the community in Excellence with Christian Values, Ethics, and Moral Standards by serving Youth, Families, and Senior Citizens.

God desires that His people would see and experience Him in His Fullness, that "The Church" becomes the expression of Gods' love towards His people, that His people are Developed, Nurtured, Cared For, and become the Living Organism called the Body of Christ, that we no longer have to wonder, and seek after things that have no lasting effect on our lives.  We can then see a visual demonstration of the Body of Christ at work and the Kingdom of God becomes a reality. (Ephesians 4:11-16)

Join with us today in "Bringing the Kingdom of God to Reality". Contact our office or e-mail us at geraldpatterson5@gmail.com for more information or go to our secure on-line giving and make your contribution today.

The Project Goals at the completion of all (4) Phases are:

  • Effective Evangelism
  • Preparation For the Harvest
  • Relative Ministry
  • Community Development
  • Voice the Vision
  • Leave a Legacy


  • Grant Schools - Grant Teams - Financial Support
  • School of Ministry - People Development
  • Ministry Complex - Community Development
  • Missions - Local & Foreign
  • Marketing


  • Prayer - The Catalyst of Vision
  • Laborers - Care for the Harvest
  • Faith Partners - Provision for Vision


  • Community Development Foundation
    • Grant Writing
    • Grant Consulting
    • Project Funding
    • Planning Strategies
  • Community Center - Outreach
    • Daycare
    • Christian School
    • Mentoring / Tutoring Program
    • Senior Adult Activities
    • Food Distribution
    • Sporting Events
    • Drama / Dance / Arts
    • Outdoor Recreational Facilities
      • Basketball
      • Baseball
      • Walking
      • Tennis
  • World Headquarters - Administration
    • Corporate Offices
    • Conference Center
    • Bookstore
    • Recording / Television Studio
    • Cafeteria
    • Concert Hall
    • Worship & Arts Center
    • Child Care Center
    • Credit Union
  • The Cathedral - Worship & The Arts
    • Seat of the Bishop
    • Leadership
    • Worship & The Arts
    • Training & Education
    • Outreach
    • Practical Instruction In The Word of God
    • Bookstore
    • Youth Ministry
    • Human Services
    • Model Church
  • A Remnant
  • A Legacy

Plan of Action:

  • Indentify & Connect with Intercessors
  • Indentify & Connect with Laborers
  • Identify & Connect with Faith Partners
  • Develop and Synergize a Financially Stable Body of People of Substance 

Results of Action:

  • Posses the Land 
  • Construct Complex in Phases 
  • Sustain & Maintain
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